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256 pp. ISBN 978-0-674-96775-5, 27.95 USD. Performative identities (Butler) The idea that there is no essential or foundational identity also characterises Judith Butler’s work. Butler focus on gender and wants to go beyond Goffman to explore why the social world creates gendered identities at all. While Ms. Butler is Professor of rhetoric at Berkeley University, and yes I confess I was expecting a work actually dealing with "speech", "politics", "the performative" (see Austin), I am confronted with Ms. Butler's views on homosexuals in the military, whether Derrida or Bourdieu was the better of the two (she knows - but does she know that, by the way, the two individuals did not exactly Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity is a book by the philosopher Judith Butler, in which the author argues that gender is a kind of improvised performance. The work is influential in feminism, women's studies, and lesbian and gay studies, and has also enjoyed widespread popularity outside of traditional academic circles. Butler's ideas about gender came to be seen as foundational to queer theory and the advancing of dissident sexual practices during the 1990s. 2018-03-11 · In the book, Butler critically engages with the key presuppositions of feminist theory and practice as regards gender and sexuality, arguing that these are irreducible to naturalised heterosexual categories.

Butler performative

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Gender, according to Butler, is by no means tied to material bodily facts but is solely and completely a social However, Butler is still correct in her main argument that gender is a reflection of societal norm and it is largely based on performative acts and expectations. When Butler published the essay in 1996, there was no nontraditional marriage movement or the widespread concept of changing one’s biological sex and crafting a gender. Judith Butler explains ‘gender performativity’, a term that refers to the ways in which gender norms are established, policed and resisted. While her academic writing is dense, Butler has a wonderful and engaging way of talking. Below is the transcript.

Butler reprises her famous theory of gender performativity as a place to start.

Dispossession: The Performative in the Political av Judith Butler

If gender is performative it is continuously subject to small changes and keeps constituting itself. Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory Judith Butler Philosophers rarely think about acting in the theatrical sense, but they do have a discourse of 'acts' that maintains associative semantic meanings with theories of performance and acting.

Butler performative

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2013-04-27 · Butler claims that the body is not ‘passively’ scripted as if we have no way of reacting against it, but then again bodies that are born gendered don’t exist. We always need actors, in order to perform them. Basically, we can break free if we want to. The sight of a transvestite on stage can cause amusement, and entertainment for some.

Feminist Theory. Judith Butler. Theatre Journal, Vol. 40, No. 4. Gender performativity is one of the core concepts in Judith Butler's work. In this paper Butler re-examines this term and completes it with the idea of precarity, by   Judith Butler, the author of Gender Trouble (1990) and many other books, is Maxine If gender is performative, and performativity is one way of specifying social  18 Sep 2017 Julie Phelps Interviewing Judith Butler.
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A speech act can produce that which it names, however, only by reference to the law (or the accepted norm, code, or contract), which is cited or repeated (and thus performed) in the pronouncement. - Judith Butler, Excitable Speech Excitable Speech is widely hailed as a tour de force and one of Judith Butler’s most important books. Examining in turn debates about hate speech, pornography and gayness within the US military, Butler argues that words can wound and linguistic violence is its own kind of violence. Butler’s notion of ‘performativity’ is most famously associated with her views on gender and is important for critical legal thinkers because performativity is deeply entangled with politics and legality. Judith Butler-Judith Butler discussing 'Performativity' The thrust of performativity within Butler’s work is held in her concern for becoming, her primary theoretical goal to denaturalise what she terms the 'heterosexual matrix' (Butler 1990: 35).

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Miranda Fay Thomas Shakespeare’s Globe and St Anne’s College, Oxford Judith Butler. Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2015. 256 pp.

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Om genusteorin, se Yvonne Hirdman: Genus (2001). Om queer, se  (Butler 1997b: 144) Återigen blir det tydligt på vad sätt Butler gör en who 'cites' the performative is temporarily produced as the belated and fictive origin of the  Judith Butler — Filosofen och feministiska teoretikern Judith Butler har använt begreppet performativitet i sin analys av könsutveckling, liksom i sin  1 Butler, Judith, 1988: ”Performative acts and gender constitution: An essay in inist Manifesto”, Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory 8.2 s. I min analys kommer jag att föra in begrepp hämtade från Judith Butlers En del av den kritik som riktats mot Butler handlar om att performance som ett sätt att  Idag tänkte jag att vi ska gå närmare in på Judith Butler som sägs vara en av grundarna till queerteorin.